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Top Hung Window

A top hung window or awning window, as can be seen on the image, is a window that tilts at the bottom. These windows are perfect for bathrooms or kitchens. We recommend using the MB45 line for this. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 9.58.56 AM.png

Side Hung Window

Side hung windows are windows that can either swing open inside or outside, whereas both leafs move. It is also possible for a leaf to be fixed and the other to move. Depending on the size of your window you can add additional leaves. Have fun with it! It is also important to mention that our windows can be modified in two-toned colors as well, for this we use a thicker frame, namely MB59S

  • Non-thermal

  • Can be used both internally and externally

  • Cost efficient and minimum depth​​

  • Flexible design​


Fixed Window

Fixed windows, are windows that do not open. 


Tilt & Turn Window

Tilt & turn windows are windows that have multiple functions, namely they tilt but also turn. 


Tilt Window

It is important to mention that tilt windows/bottom hung windows, tilt on the inside.


Sliding Window

Sliding windows are perfect for areas where there is a lot of wind! Keep this in mind when purchasing windows for your project. Here you can see our MBSlide model.


Pivot Window

Pivoting windows are a type of window that have sashes that can rotate 90 - 180 degrees around a horizontal or vertical axis. This model allows for full ventilation. It is important to mention that a mosquito screen can not be added to this model due to its rotation. 


Vertical Sliding Window

A vertical slider is a window that slides upward. It is important to mention that this model, namely MBSlider, is only made for single pane usage.

mb-slider-window-56-en copy.png

Single Door

We enjoy this product because it is so broad. A single door can be made as just the door, or maybe you would like to add a side-lite. You can change the glass to matte glass or leave it a classic clear glass. You can also add two side-lites or a top-lite, it all depends on the look you are going for and the dimensions. 


Double Doors

The double door, also known as the "French Door", can also have side-lites or it can have one fixed leaf and one moving leaf. 


Folding Door

Folding doors, also known as harmonica doors, are beautiful to add to a large patio area. While it can be diversely used, it is a great addition to a modern yet sophisticated look for interior or exterior space. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 10.58.38

Sliding Door

Add a sliding door to any area, especially on a narrow balcony. Sliding doors can also have side and top-lites. 

  • Thermally insulated sliding doors and windows
  • Space efficient

  • Silent and smooth operation

  • Single or double sliding doors

  • 2 - 6 pane option

  • Variety of color options or dual color options

  • Only available with insulated glass


Panel Door AP Line

  • Thermally insulated aluminum system for acoustics and weather

  • Functional and durable

  • Perfect for energy efficiency of buildings

  • Concealed hinges possible

  • Door fills are made of solid & weather resistant materials

  • Basic and Classic doors; Difference between basic and classic is the panel finish

  • Available with top or side-lite

  • Standard size panels:
  • Basic 1000 x 2000 mm

  • Classic 1200 x 2500 mm

    • Standard Glass:

      • Laminated 3.3.1 - spacer - 4 float

    • Panel thickness:

      • Insert panel 44 mm

      • Single-sided attachment panel 44 - 65 mm

    • Standard Colors:

      • RAL 9016, 9006, 7001, 9007, 3004, 7016, 8019 & DB 703 Metallic

    • Warranty available for 5 years on aluminum infills

Panel Door AD Line

  • Standard size panels:
  • Insert panels 1000 x 2000 mm

  • Attachment panels 1200 x 2500 mm

    • Standard Glass:

      • Laminated 3.3.1 - spacer - 4 float

    • Panel thickness:

      • Insert panel 44 mm

      • Single-sided 44 - 65 mm

    • Standard Colors:

      • All RAL colors

    • Standard-size side panels:

      • Insert panel 500 x 2000 mm

      • Attachment panel 600 x 2500 mm

    • Warranty available for 5 years on aluminum infills

Garage Doors

Take a look at our different garage doors. They can also be made in a woodgrain color, or with fixed windows for an extra modern look. 

  • 40mm insulated panels
  • Ball bearing running wheels

  • Easy assembly

  • Variety of colors and styles

  • Includes 2 remotes and motor

  • 220v (Can be sold in 110v upon request)

  • Excludes wall outlet/Electrical Work

Barn Door

Barn doors are an easy and aesthetically enhancing way to separate two areas. Our barn doors are locally made. You can choose any of our styles or send us your style.  


Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are essential to keeping your business or home safe. They come in a variety of styles, models and colors. 


Steel Coated

This fence system is made to order and is perfect for any type of home or business. 

High Pressure Laminate Plates

High pressure laminate plates are composed of kraft paper induced with phenolic resin, which is then compressed under high pressure and heat with a UV stabilized layer. A process like this combines all the different layers in this product which transforms it into a very strong and durable material. It offers optimum color and does not peel. The HPL plates are CE marked, which means that the manufacturer checked that the products meet EU requirements of safety, health and environment. 

HPL plates are perfect for any exterior or interior project, as they fit perfectly in our sunny islands weather circumstances. Sun, rain and moisture have no influence on the plates. 


MB-Office & 

MB-Office & MB-Expo, are great lines for office and/or commercial spaces. 


Our range of products is very diverse. We can also offer balcony partitioning glass/walls, louver doors/windows, interior doors made out of HPL, or steel doors.

Standard Aluminum Colors

Standard RAL Colors Proframe.jpg
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